Hungry Sweet

Hungry Sweet
Quick and Healthy Snack (Without The Use Of Stove )
Aloo Chat Recipe (2 Plates)
Ingredients : 1)2 medium size Potatoes2)2 Tomotoes 3)1 onion 4)Chat masala5)Turmeric powder 6)Jeera Powder 7)Corrainder Leaves 8)Corrainder powder 9)Lemon 10)Chilly Powder 11)Salt To Taste 
Preparation : 1)Boil The Potatoes and Cut In Into The Desired shapes 2)Chop the Onion and Tomotoes 3)Place boiled potatoes ,onion and Tomotoes in a jar with some water inside (to soften the material )
How to make :1) Put Chopped potatoes in a Big Bowl 2) Add Tomoto and Onion Into the Same Bowl 3) Add Chat Masala , Corrainder Powder ,Salt To Taste ,Chilli Powder , Turmeric and Jeera Powder  in a bowl 4) Mix Well (Use Can Use A Big Bowl so as to Shake a bowl to mix the ingredients well.5) Spread Lemon Juice And Corrainder Leaves 6) You Can Add Pomogranete Into the mixture for the betterment of taste or a simple pudina Sweet and Sour  chutney (Optional )7) Decorate Your Recipe As Per your wish, you can ad…

Fit People Cook Book

Healthy And Quick Snack  Kala chana : Kala chana is a healthy addition to your diet. Being high in protein and fiber, Kala Chana a good option for those aspiring weight loss.How to make a Simple and quick Kala Channa Chat.Recipe :Kala Channa Chat (Black Chickpeas) 250 Gm Ingredients:
1)Kala Channa
3) Tomato (option )
5) Corainder Leaves
6)Chat Masala
7)Other Spices (Salt for taste , Corainder Powder ,Bit Of Turmeric , Chilli Powder )
8) Sev If required Preparation Time : 5 Mins
Making Time : 5 Mins Pre Preparation : Soak Kala Channa In A Clean Water Overnight approx 7/8 hours. Preparation : Cut Onion and Tomoto
Wash Corainder,chop it and keep aside. Making :
1)Add Water To Pan and Boil Kala Channa Until it gets Bit Soft  /You can even use cooker to boil kala channa (if you are using cooker to boil black Chickpeas ,boil until 2 Whistles .2)Hold kala Channa in a Big Bowl and add 1 tablespoon oil in a pan.3) Add Onion in a pan  (Half Fry ).4)Add Tomoto if r…

"The Blissful Mind "

3 rd June 2020 
Every Aspect Have Two Effects Either positive or negative It Depends On How You Think.
"The Blissful Mind"
Marriage is a choice . It's not necessary getting married , Rather getting into family with ugly behaviours and just for a formalities it's better to be a free and independent person  You are already complete Itself . If you are on a wrong path not necessarily your partner will give you a right suggestion. Traditionally marriage is legally good thing as when you are down you have a backhend after you , But in modern times marriage itself make people down  If no marriage no divorce no psychological problems  No mental disappearance no depression
As we all die alone nothing comes up with us  We are all already living in a heaven but we can't see because we are messed up with our finite issues . Taking life lightly and living freely with whatever you wish to do is a happy and peace life 
When we feel good we feel stronger that time we don't need anyone bu…


1st Jun 

Psychology Today 
When We Love Something We Make Efforts To Reach At A Level So That We Can Attain Our Wish We Work Hard At Former We Feel Happy When We Receive it But As Time passes we always know that this is always gonna be with you no matter whatever happens as we had  made efforts at former to achieve that But Not a consistent Effort  In the era We are all feeling fresh and ready to sacrifice to reach at a level so that we can achieve our desire . As soon as we achieve it we begin scolding our achievements by sayings that we did  (all the sacrifices ,prayers,efforts ...and so on ).
And Till The End of our life we are screaming and scolding to the dream we had dreamt for .
Why ?
Is it necessary ?
We all have rights to our achievement but Only when consistent efforts are taken by a desired person .

It occurs with everyone in every situation in every field whether it's a love ,business ,degree, certification ...............
We are happy to Set up a business and ready to work hard…

"What No One Tell You But You Need To Hear About You ". - Myths Of Life -You Will Know Your Solutions To Your Questions

"What No One Will Tell You But You Need To Hear About You "

Most of Us Feel like I can't handle anymore my life that's it and we come across why it is ?What it is ?Why Only Me ? Series of Questions Arises in Mind And Then we try to find out solutions to Just Cool Down  Mind . You may sometimes Dislike what you have and what you do,why it is and How it is ?This is Life  You Have To Make a Proper And Fair choice To Enjoy And Accept What it is and How it is ? However True mission of life is Finding Out Solutions.
You Are Your Own Boss . You Are Gifted Two Things From God  1) Choice of action 2) Intellect 
You are given a choice followed by intellect ,intellect will help you to make a true choice of action.
Intellect is what will stay longer with you ,being practical ,logical combining Intellect . Poor intellect will lead you to improper and incorrect choices 
You are free to choose with rich intellect.
Intellect and mind both are thoughts  What's the difference ?
WHY intellect is …

How To Make Learning Interesting As "Parents "

Date :17 Th May 2020
How to make learning interesting as "parents"
As We Know Enitre world is dent with Covid 19 which leads to  social distancing across the world ,schools , education and other necessary sectors which are major part of living . At such time , homeschooling measures must be taken to keep learning at home . Parents are trying to take up some measures to keep engaging children mentally as well as physically however as a parent a child must maintain one routine like in schools ,routines can be changed while in a week . In a education sector schools make a routine and kids are attentive to the schedule as they are aware of what they are going to learn which subject and so on  But as of now we are all facing with lack of routine ,we are not aware of what will do next , however to make a child aware of what other activities are available to do during homeschooling and thereon making routine  It is best when children are kept calm by creating an environment and following …